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Comm: Ulrikke Furc Desc
Flighty may have been the term to use for her and not just because of the down on her back. Terracotta creature was nothing less than beautiful, but one would never call her quite bright. New to the pens, the orange haired caprid cast her nervous, deep amber gaze at those who may look her way. Confused and unsure of her stance, the supple thing didn't have correct posturing one would expect of a slave. Golden collar around her neck signified who owned her, lion's head nested at the hollow of her throat. Garbed in the standard dress of the Tether, Ulrikke remained rather muted, even if her appearance alone demanded attention.
:iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 0 0
Comm: Aysu Furc Desc
At first glance, one might think they are seeing a cat fish, and that wouldn't be so far from the truth. A leonen creature in nature, but one that developed under the sea. A suesai. Here was a prime example a female. Swimming built form, with defined feminine features. A mix of grey fur and violet scales with the lighting of blue-green, bioluminescent markings to cascade her form. Older, wiser than the other suesai that turn up on land, she was a rarity among her people, an elder. Blonde hair was pale and striking against the rest of her, demanding attention. Two toned eyes were of teal and silver, casting her gaze on the world above the sea. She looked regal and defined with such an angular beauty to her face.
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Comm: Asenath Furc Desc
Seek not death... Here was a dark beauty of decadence and desire. Tall and slender, her presence typically demanded attention. A woman cursed and she certainly acted like it, often passively cruel and sharp of tongue, she did have a soft spot for those close to her. Those intelligent eyes were a match of liquid silver surrounding molten gold, but it wasn't her gaze that could kill. Golden bands decorated wrists and upper arms, off setting her obsidian fur beautifully. Tawny streaks strike through her ebony, shoulder length locks. The Mau knew what she wanted and she wasn't one to typically take no for an answer. ...For it shall find you.
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Comm: Zekhemet Furc Desc
A man of Nubian royalty, though not so much of high regality. Black fur accented by the gold he often adorned his wrists and at the end of his tail. The dark fur only slightly hinted with spotting of greys and varying blacks, only subtly standing out the cheetah in the panther's bloodline. Sapphire eyes peer out to analyze the environment and those within it, calculatingly cool. Staining his fur was blue dye, Aegytian style markings on his face with a band upon his upper left arm. Broad and muscular, pitch of night, this didn't appear to be a male to trifle with.
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Comm: Inkjet Furc Desc
Pretty thing decorated with gold, ebony fur from ears to toes. Blush wine eyes look around, but never meeting anyone's gaze. The canine girl was a curious thing with the clear quartz that spouted from her form, the one at her chest often flickering crimson to mimic her heartbeat. A soft, demure smile touched her muzzle, welcoming those around. Hourglass figure was showcased beautifully on that taller frame, but it didn't make her intimidating. Sweet girl was found on her knees within the harem pen, always ready to serve.
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Comm: Aneesa Furc Desc
Outgoing lioness with the swagger of a dog, she was an oddball for her species. Caramel glazed chocolate fur coated her body, but only to be marred by splotches of white, as if she had gotten into bleach. Fit and lean, she was a bit bottom heavy due to the natural shape of her body. Sun-kissed hair reached to her hips in luxurious waves, often with one stray lock falling between hazel green eyes. Friendly smile and gleam to those orbs was often how she met people, not at all mean until provoked, especially when it came to family.
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Mature content
Illusionary Full Desc :iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 0 0
Comm: Lady Athena Furc Desc
A stunning creature with an impressive height, the fiorin was a beautiful sight to beheld. The navy blue of her fur perfectly accented by the teals and golds that she bore. An ethereal creature as if made to catch the eye. Striking platinum hair topped her head, flowing down to mid-thigh, flowing in the softest of waves. Black sclera allowed the bright blue of her solid irises to truly stand out against the night sky that was her physical form. The gentle sound of bells chimed at her ankles. Almost hinting to her heavenly descent, whether she did or not, was the elegant crown that floated above her head. Demure in nature, one would find her bowing in subservience.
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Furcadia Descriptions
A visage of purity. Monochrome beauty draped in a technicolor dream coat that was in the form of silken, stainglassed, rainbow wings upon her back. A shroud of black framed her wolfish face, a smile often tugging up the corners of her mouth. Molten silver eyes looked about the world around her, slight intrigue sparking in their depths.  The Faenine was a creature of magic and it could almost be felt when she walked into a room, exuding that mystical aura, laced with something more than just benevolence. A mind of depravity.
Here stood a creature of confidence and regality. He was an example of jeweled drake high society. As draconic feet carried him, opal talons clicking upon hard floors. Opal spiked tail was careful not to hit anyone in his passing. Obsidian colored skin gave to iridescent black scales, shimmering in subtle rainbows as they caught the light. Long, straight hair had an opalescent hue to it, having different colors to it. A proud
:iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 1 2
Noxlan Description
A man carved from stoned, cold and stoic, almost looking disinterested with the world. He moved almost mechanically as though it wasn't particularly natural to be doing so in his body. Often silent, he never spoke up, keeping just to himself. Those things, that is, if he were alone, though that was usually not the case. With -her- by his side, the young man was contented and curious, intrigued by what was around him. Far more animated, one might even go as far as to say his actions were playful, moving as though he had been that way his whole life. Well, he had, hadn't he? A budding magical aura clung to his person, something gifted to him but never fostered, not nurtured.
Taller than most human males at the height of six feet and three inches. To go along with that, tight, sculpted sinew lie beneath his porcelain flesh, going back to "carved from stone." Though, he wasn't terribly broad nor terribly narrow, a very lean musculature, very -defined-. Limbs were long to match his stature.
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Coreliron Duskstrider BKA The Count
Here was a man who exuded confidence and pride, not unlike other Sin'dorei men. He carried himself with a flamboyant air about him, a showman. A magical aura clung to him, but it would be hard to discern what type of magic, as he was one to dabble in what he fancied which was a variety of things. Charming might be one way to describe him, a smooth talker, able to get himself out of trouble. Silver tongue and quick wit was on his side. It was his job to build people, make them feel amazing about themselves. A smirk often splayed over his features, giving the Count a haughty nature. The elf certainly had a noble air about him, one could be sure of that.
As most of his race, he was adorned with handsome, angular features. He had almost a feline demeanor to him. Thin almond shaped, veridian eyes viewed the world around him, forever watching and analyzing, keeping a look out for things that aroused his intrigue. It wasn't uncommon for that smirk upon his thin lips to be tugged into a toothy
:iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 1 1
Zanthion the Shaderunner (Human)
At first glance, one might think this man aloof, often quiet and keeping to himself, but passed that hushed exterior, those may find quiet the opposite. Charming might be one word to describe him, with secret smiles and knowing eyes. There was a sense of pride about him, proud of who he was, though his arrogance was of a more muted nature. The man carried himself with a noble air about him, one could be sure, but there was no names he claimed, no house he belonged. One thing could be certain about him, there was a heavy magical aura that surrounded him, it was like a shroud of arcane and shadow.
Handsome face was square shaped, with a defined chin with the barest amount of facial hair on it. The man had high set cheekbones giving him a rather regal appearance. Nose was slender, slightly angular. While his mouth wasn't set with thin lips, they weren't particularly full either. Almond shaped eyes were an interesting feature, mimicking the effect of the cosmos, violet with stars flecking
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Velinova Fjordstav by AishatheWyvern Velinova Fjordstav :iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 3 0 Bryndlee Hawthorne Sketch (Colored) by AishatheWyvern Bryndlee Hawthorne Sketch (Colored) :iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 3 1 Bryndlee Hawthorne Sketch by AishatheWyvern Bryndlee Hawthorne Sketch :iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 3 3
Velinova Fjordstav Description
Confidence, ambition, two things that shrouded this woman in a proverbial cloak that spanned behind her at least a mile long. Not only that, but her aura was saturated in magic, not hiding her affinity and love for it. This woman had nothing to hide...
One thing might be said about her appearance. Striking. For someone who spent a lot of time digging in the dirt, she was absolutely stunning. Oblong shaped face was adorned with high cheekbones, full, pouty lips, round-almond shaped eyes, and set off with a petite and adorable bulb shaped nose. Her eyes might have been the most riveting part of her face, being the most wondrous of green around the pupil, only to gradient into a shimmering blue. Mahogany hair was wavy in nature, tumbling down just above her behind. It was often kept in a singular, neat braid.
She was certainly taller than the run of a mill human, standing at five feet and nine inches. With that tall frame came a slender build, not terribly athletic though. The mage had so
:iconaishathewyvern:AishatheWyvern 1 0
Here are stories, poems, and photos that I have done. Along with some OC art that others have done. NOTE: I never post anything in my gallery that isn't mine without permission. I always ask or the artist tells me I can use it.


Naikstix: Lunae by Naikios Naikstix: Lunae :iconnaikios:Naikios 11 2 Bruma by aitsena Bruma :iconaitsena:aitsena 13 0 Freedom by TiltedCrayon
Mature content
Freedom :icontiltedcrayon:TiltedCrayon 70 12
Dash Sale: Miakoda Portrait by Naikios Dash Sale: Miakoda Portrait :iconnaikios:Naikios 5 0 Calendar: February (GoldFlake) by Naikios Calendar: February (GoldFlake) :iconnaikios:Naikios 8 1 YCH Redux Set: #7 Scarletsnow by Naikios YCH Redux Set: #7 Scarletsnow :iconnaikios:Naikios 10 5 Dash Sale: Cubi Full Body by Naikios Dash Sale: Cubi Full Body :iconnaikios:Naikios 17 3 Miakodaa Chibi by BluntGypsy Miakodaa Chibi :iconbluntgypsy:BluntGypsy 10 0 Naikios Banner by Naikios Naikios Banner :iconnaikios:Naikios 13 0 Fantasies by FlameDrop
Mature content
Fantasies :iconflamedrop:FlameDrop 8 1
Personal banner. by FlameDrop Personal banner. :iconflamedrop:FlameDrop 12 4 Ankha Port by TiltedCrayon Ankha Port :icontiltedcrayon:TiltedCrayon 53 6 Primordials: Zultanite by Naikios Primordials: Zultanite :iconnaikios:Naikios 9 4 Firefox Chibben by Zorkia Firefox Chibben :iconzorkia:Zorkia 7 4 Zephara Chibben by Zorkia Zephara Chibben :iconzorkia:Zorkia 7 0
I love the artwork of others. Here are some of the things that have caught my eye on DA as well as my OC's that have been done :3


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Anna the Awesome
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Hi, I'm Anna! I have come back to dA to actually further my drawing ability and even sharpen my writing skills. You will see a varied amount of Deviations. Writings, ramblings, sketch work, some photography, and crafts.

I may open up some drawing requests sometime soon, to push me to do things I would otherwise not. There will be more information on that later.

Also, I am also thinking of opening up some craft commissions. I make jewelry. Resin pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, and hopefully some bracelets. I do make some beaded things as well. Once I venture into more crafts, I will be posting those here too.

Sometimes, my time with my art is limited because I am a stay at home mother of two! Two kids under three! But doing some things on the side would certainly help me get some art I would like I a couple of my OCs <3

Check things out, leave me a note or comment (looking for friends here!), and donate some points if you can! Saving up for Core :D
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